Northern Lights is a full service digital advertising consultancy with a focus on programmatic. We customize our approach for each individual client and work as an extension of your business. With over 10 years of experience in the digital industry we immerse ourselves in your project to exceed all expectations. Whether we are strategizing, buying, selling, offering operational support or overall business support we strive to deliver results and value to each client.

Meet Daniella Clavell- Founder & CEO

daniella_clavellDaniella Clavell is a digital advertising professional with a proven track record for revenue growth and client satisfaction. For over 10 years, Daniella has managed programmatic and media sales, as well as multi-million dollar budgets at top tier publisher brands and ad tech companies. With experience on both the buy and sell sides, she is an expert at implementing the sales strategy across multiple digital entities, and has grown the private marketplace, CPM’s and overall business exponentially for her clients.

Daniella has established relationships with major trading desks, DSP’s, SSP’s, exchanges, agencies, publishers, and Fortune 500 clients. During her time working on media buying and business development she was charged with the management of a programmatic buying department, publisher negotiation & on-boarding of ComScore top 500 websites, agency media planning and the review and implementation of all vendors.

Daniella has a true passion for the industry emphasizing efficiency, client satisfaction & customer service and will identify the best opportunities for your business and budget- ensuring you reach the right people, through the right method, at the right time. She is a stellar negotiator and understands how to help clients maximize their media budgets.